Editorial License

1. License Terms

  1. Hereby we grant you a perpetual, non-exclusive valid license for the use of the Content. All feasibilities of using, which are not mentioned in the list of Permitted Use, are forbidden.
  2. After successful payment, the Buyer acquires a license in accordance with the terms and conditions. There are two types of licenses, Royalty Free and Editorial License. All license rights terminate immediately and without notice if a sale is refunded for any reason.
  3. Seller upon uploading a product choose type of license, and is granted only to the original Buyer.
  4. Buyers do not own any Product, they are only licensed (have rights) to use it in accordance with terms and conditions of the applicable license.
  5. Any licensed product after a refund must be deleted.

2. Royalty Free License

  1. May reproduce the content in all media, including product packaging, printed marketing materials, digital documents, or software.
  2. May include the content in email marketing, mobile advertising.
  3. May post the content to a website or social media site.
  4. May share the content with your employees and contractors.
  5. May transfer the license only to one your client or employer, unless separately licensed for each.

3. Editorial License

  1. May only be used in editorial manner, which are newsworthy or of public interest, typically in newspaper or magazine articles, blogs, or similar media. Relating to teaching purposes, scholarship, and research, and may not be used for any commercial use.
  2. IP Owners: The company or individual who owns Intellectual Property is allowed all uses in the Product license.
  3. May not be used for commercial purposes such as advertisements, promotions, merchandising, branding, etc.
  4. May not be modified, except small adjustments, while maintaining the editorial context and integrity of the original Intellectual Property.

4. Prohibited Use

  1. Use the Content in products, intended for resale.
  2. Incorporate the Content in the product, the use of which leads to redistribution or makes the Content available for re-use by the third parties in the form of a file.
  3. The deletion of any mention of copyright, deletion of trademarks or other (attributes of proprietary rights) from the location where they are built it by the copyright holder is prohibited.
  4. The sublicense, resale, rental, return to the seller or other transfer or distribution of the Content or the rights granted to the licensee of this Agreement is prohibited.
  5. Provide public access to the copies of the Content on the network or Internet server.
  6. It is prohibited to use or display Content in an electronic format, which provides an opportunity to download or distribute it via mobile devices or peer-to-peer-like file exchange connections.