Payments / File delivery

1. Refund policy

Customer satisfy is very important for us. To request for a refund, request must be summited to within 14 days after the purchase.

  1. We will gladly make a refund if it meets requirements for refund:
    – product does not match it’s description or preview images
    – product model parts or textures missing (not applicable when issues are caused by exchange format limitations)
    – mistaken for a physical (real world object) and/or digital files has not been downloaded.
  2. Requesting refund, provide invoice number, problem with product, software and file formats causing problems.
  3. Request will be processed in 3 business days. In case of a refund, will be send Credit Bill with refunded product list.
  4. All license rights terminate immediately and without notice if a sale is refunded for any reason.
  5. All refunded products must be deleted, buyer don’t have any rights to keep or use them in the future.

7. Price

  1. 3dmstock has determined price categories for products:
    – Free
    – 6.00 €

7. Product Fees

  1. SIA “3DBrandModels” is a registered as VAT payer with VAT number LV40103760714 in Latvia (EU country)
  2. 3dmstock add VAT to products and amount of VAT depends of:
    – if USERS are registered as natural person at and they are from EU countries, they pay VAT 21%;
    – if USERS are registered as natural person at and they are NOT from EU countries, they DON’T pay VAT 21%;
    – if USERS are registered as VAT payer at, and 3dmstock have approved information given by users they don’t have to pay VAT (exclude USERS from Latvia).